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Robot assembly line

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I. brief introduction of assembly line

Precision movement robot automatic assembly line belongs to the small medium size parts fast high precision automatic assembly testing packaging production line, production line is 21.8 m, total gas detection and classification of cases etc. the main assembly station 25, the use of vertical multi joint robot a Cartesian coordinate robot 12, rotary turning manipulator 11. The twelve part of the product, such as the bottom of worm gear box, a spring damper shaft screw through feed assembly machine, after testing the three index, the product packaging box assembly precision is 0.01mm level, production cycle every 2.5 s.


Two, research methods and Technology Roadmap

The research work from the first assembly line of the overall planning and product delivery scheme to analyze the characteristics of the product and assembly requirements, determine the floor directly from a variety of asynchronous transmission directly positioning scheme transmission scheme, the characteristics of assembly process analysis and optimization of assembly action decomposition assembly station to determine the work of the original manual assembly assembly action with the robot automatic assembly has the advantages of simple structure and high positioning precision and good economic advantages of the scheme, after optimization, some put a complex assembly action is divided into several simple actions to achieve some complex assembly process of several parts to focus on a station, formulate scientific and reasonable process to make the whole the production line is the main line and branch line assembly combination, process characteristics of tree type series parallel process structure combination,

According to the assembly speed at different position of 1 to 5 products operation, such as a damper assembly of two, a detection of the three movement, a five product box, the assembly line to full load, transport robot technology based on automatic sorting packaging production line

Brief introduction of automatic sorting packaging production line based on robot technology

The project uses advanced robot technology, the development of automatic sorting equipment, with independent intellectual property rights of the automatic packaging equipment, automatic stacking equipment automatic production line of general modular product is necessary, and can set up automatic production line according to the needs of enterprises in different industries, realize unmanned production. The results of the project are mainly used in building ceramic board, household appliances and other industries, its significance lies in the combination of technology and the urgent needs of the industrial robot industry, improve the production process automation and productivity, increase enterprise benefit.


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