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What are the necessary conditions for automated assembly line production?

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The main advantage of automated assembly line production is that the production process can meet the requirements of continuity, parallelism, proportionality and equalization. It has a high productivity and can provide timely market demand for large quantities of products. Because it is a specialized production, the production line adopts special equipment and technical equipment, transportation equipment and machinery automation, so it can improve labor productivity, shorten the production cycle, reduce the occupied volume and transportation amount of WIP, accelerate cash flow, reduce the production cost; it can also simplify the production management work, promote the enterprise to strengthen the preparation of the production technology the work and production services.

The main disadvantage of automated assembly line production is that it is not flexible enough to meet the demand of market for product output and variety, as well as technical innovation and technological progress. It requires more investment and more time to adjust and reorganize the automated assembly line. Workers in the automated assembly line work is monotonous and tense, easy to fatigue, is not conducive to improving production technology.

Automatic assembly line production must meet the following conditions:

1. Raw materials and parts must be standard, standardized and available on time.

2, the product structure and technology is relatively stable, but also a large number of long-term needs of the product.

3. The output of the product is large enough, and the volume of labor of the unit product is larger, so as to ensure that the working places of the pipeline equipment have enough load.

4, the process can be divided into simple processes, and in accordance with the requirements of the same process, some of the process of proper merger and decomposition, the process of a single time should not be too large.

5, the equipment should be installed assembly line conditions.



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