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2013 outward bound, smelting team

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In May 6, 2013, in order to strengthen mutual understanding among employees, cohesiveness and solidarity, HIT organized all staff to carry out outward bound training. All the staff arrived at Dayawan outdoor development training base and began two days outdoor development activities.

A piece of iron can be the same, saw financial loss, can also be a team, toughened and hardened into steel; the same can be commonplace, can also achieve great accomplishments.

Coaches start with a series of cheerful activities to create a team atmosphere and build a foundation of mutual trust.

This is a fun game like battlefield simulation activities, logistics, intermediate despite various or hilarious, or an impatient trouble, but let us very touched, very satisfied.

Let us climb the wall a strong sense of team, success is the basis of personal success; personal success must be established on the basis of the joint efforts of other team members and mutual support; to grasp the project altitude so that each member must be bold but cautious, dare to challenge, encourage each other, to overcome fear;

The seaside CS field training so that everyone in the work pressure and tension over, close to nature, feel the green mountains and rivers, flying hearts, cultivate the spirit of teamwork

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