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HIT launches dual track press

更新时间:2017-09-30 23:45:35 admin Read

In May 9, 2013, recently, HIT was busy launching a new research and development product -- dual track printing press. The dual track printing machine can be simultaneously printed with double tracks, and can be matched with the double track placement machine, greatly improving the production efficiency. Double track printing of double track presses is a combined output of two machines, which saves space and makes the length of the production line shorter and increases the output only. Double precision printing machine can reach 12.5 m@6 sigma, fast and accurate, highly reliable printing printing machine, most other incomparable performance when printing.

A dual track printing machine, instead of the traditional double return line, can greatly reduce capital requirements. Dual track printing machines can achieve higher throughput than single line configurations, and can simultaneously print a PCB or print two PCB separately. At the same time, a SMT line is equivalent to the output of the original two SMT lines, greatly saving space.




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