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HIT520 Smart officially put into production

更新时间:2017-09-30 23:42:40 admin Read


In March 12, 2014, our first HIT520 Smart was officially put into production, and HIT520 Smart mainly aimed at the latest mobile phone mainboard of Samsung, which had higher precision and excellent printing quality.




HIT520 Smart printable PCB size is 330*250mm. The newly developed pump scraper head has the function of automatically adding solder paste, which has the advantage of saving the solder paste cost to the maximum extent. It is especially suitable for printing of 0201chip.

Adopting X axis printing head, the movement of each axis of the scraper head is controlled by precision servo motor, so as to improve the quality printing. Customers can freely change pump scraper or ordinary scraper according to the requirements of their products.

HIT520 Smart adopts the combination of flip clamp, measuring clamp and vacuum adsorption to realize precise positioning of PCB and improve the quality of printing. The utility model can be spliced into double track printing machines, and can be disassembled and used separately, and the production is flexible, which is the biggest characteristic of HIT520 Smart.



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